well dressed kitchen: stuffed bread

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My friend (and neighbor) gave me this recipe one night after graciously cooking it for my entire family. She pulled it together after she got home from work and it was ready by 7 pm. My kind of meal! I love that it can be endlessly adjusted to your particular taste by changing the meat & cheese. Enjoy!  

Stuffed Bread

Ingredients -1 loaf of french bread, cut in half lengthwise with center removed (leave a fairly thick “shell” so it doesn’t get soggy when meat is added). -1 lb ground beef OR ground turkey OR ground sausage (casing removed) or your favorite meat… -Cream of Mushroom Soup (1 can) -1 onion (finely chopped) -1 bell pepper (finely chopped) -4 slices of American Cheese OR 1/2 log of Cream Cheese OR grated cheddar (or basically whatever cheese you like the best)… -Salt, pepper & seasoning to taste Directions -Cook your onions and bell peppers over medium high heat in 2 tsp of olive oil until softened. -Reduce heat to medium and add ground meat of choice and cook through, constantly stirring and breaking clumps apart to avoid tough spots. At this point, remove any rising oil with a spoon. -Add Cream of Mushroom Soup and stir to combine. -Add cheese of choice and stir until melted and distributed evenly. -Season to taste. -Scoop meat mixture into the bottom bread shell and top with the other half. -Wrap the entire loaf in aluminum foil and bake at 350 for about 15 minutes to allow the entire thing to “come together”. Slice, serve & enjoy!

pretty things: joyfolie

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Joyfolie... If you haven't heard of them yet, you will. Amazing! Primarily a children's handmade shoe shop (each shoe is literally a piece of art), they also sell lovely accessories and clothes. The hair clips pictured above are made of scraps leftover from shoes! Aren't they darling? And (hint, hint) they're  just perfect to add a little pizazz to one of our summer sorbet designs. These "I like surprises" barrettes are sold in sets of four (randomly selected) designs for $16.

summer sorbet inspiration: sneak peek

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Toasted oat puffs with a pop of marshmallow color... And a few fruit bites thrown in for good measure... Semi-sweet summer cereal.

summer sorbet: color sneak peek

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Inspired by the colors of sand and sea, frozen fruity treats and sunny storms, the W.D. Wolf Daydream & Picnic Collections will be a feast for the eyes this summer. Subtle, neutral fabrics with a burst of juicy color make these designs sweet enough to enjoy (without the sugar shock).

A public service announcement from W.D. Wolf

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Greetings, friends! Thank you for stopping by. I've long awaited a platform to share my story and promote my cause: teaching others to dress well from the inside out... sharing the importance of accepting others and being true to oneself. All of my life I've been a victim of stereotyping and fear-mongering simply because of the way I look. As you can likely see, I'm a wolf. And I come from a long line of wolves who (reasonably) tarnished my reputation among children everywhere. My ancestors (most notably S.C. Wolf- aka. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing and B.B. Wolf- the notorious Big Bad Wolf) used their altered appearances to trick and mislead. Whether pretending to be part of a poor shepherd's flock or Red Riding Hood's dear grandmother, they used clothing and costumes to become someone else. That deception created a lifetime of hardship for me and so many of my kind, furry friends. My goal is to clear my name and to help children everywhere recognize the importance of staying true to who they are. Clothes are are great form of self expression, but in the end they're just something to wear. Dressing well starts on the inside. Don't judge a book by it's cover alone. Read a few pages and then make an educated decision. I urge you, dear children, take pride in your appearance- but remember a really well dressed wolf is accepting of others, kind to all, and true to himself... and a lovely little outfit is like the icing on the cake...  ;) XOXO, W.D.