meet w.d. wolf

He's charming, polite, impeccably dressed and on a mission...
Unfortunately, Well Dressed Wolf comes from a long line of wolves who used fashion to make a very visible statement- and not in a good way. His most famous ancestors, S.C. Wolf (aka: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing) and B.B. Wolf (aka: Big Bad Wolf) used costumes and trickery to deceive, thus ruining the reputation of wolves among children everywhere. W.D. has spent his life trying to change that image, wearing only clothes that say "I'm sweet", "I'm classy", "I'm sensible" and most important, "I'm comfortable being me". Still, despite his best efforts, fear and distrust followed him like a shadow. He knew it was time for a more public platform to pursue his cause.


When he approached asking to represent our brand, we recognized a unique opportunity: a kind and fashionable wolf? What were the odds? Then, upon hearing his unique philosophy we knew it was the perfect match. Our goal has always been to design sweet, classic, sensible clothes that allow a child's individuality to shine. And if we can use our company to teach a lesson or two about acceptance, all the better! While clothes can be a lovely form of self-expression, it is the character of a person (or wolf) that really matters. Help W.D. teach children everywhere that a really well dressed wolf is kind to others and never judges a book by its' cover... and a cute little outfit is like the icing on the cake.