who we are

Well Dressed Wolf was founded by sisters, Sarah Lemoine and Shannon Caserta, with a desire to deliver something fresh (yet timeless) and simple (yet stylish) to the children's market. Each design is lovingly created with their own kids in mind. The goal of the shop is to celebrate children looking like children, neither stuffy nor obnoxious. With a ton of cute clothes out there, Shannon (mother of five!) and Sarah (mother of four) set out to keep it simple, knowing that the basics are often the hardest to find. "For several years I searched for something classic- a solid white shift- for my daughter's Christmas dress and nothing fit the bill. That's when I knew there must be others facing a similar dilemma," says Sarah. "W.D. Wolf- is dedicated to delivering a quality product at fabulous price. All of our clothes are limited editions, designed around a certain 'theme' and created to work together. This is great for mom's who like their kids to coordinate without matching exactly" says Shannon, "And with minimal prints and subtle colors, they work equally well in church or on the playground- a combination of form & function." The company lore about a misunderstood, stereotyped wolf adds a touch of magic to the line and helps teach a lesson about acceptance. "Obviously we love clothes, but as W.D. says, 'in the end, clothes are just something to wear'. We want kids to remember that the real value of a person (or wolf!) lies beneath... we hope our story encourages them to dig a little deeper: take pride in the way you present yourself, yes, but don't judge a book by it's cover," says Sarah.