Holiday Magic Mystery Pre-Order FAQ

We hope our little holiday mystery sale is helping you get excited about the most magical time of the year! We know a pre-order left to chance is a bit unorthodox, so we want to answer any questions you may have. Thanks to our Elves on the street, we have gotten a good sense of what you want to know! Please grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and take a moment to read the details. 

  • Q. When will these sweet little dresses ship?

Expect them late November, but we will do our very best to get them out earlier.

  • Q. Are you offering a BOY pre-order item?

Sorry! Not this time. However, we will be offering several boy items that coordinate with the different dresses. They will be ready to ship a little down the road.

  • Q. Are you shipping many different styles? Or just different colors?

All of the dresses will be the same style! Colors will be different. 

  • Q. Is this an unlimited pre-order? Does everyone get one?

While we WISH we could offer an unlimited pre-order, we just can't stretch our resources that thin. This pre-order will be much larger than a typical sale, but it will not be as large our pre-order last year. We really want the items to be shipped to you in a timely manner, and we have learned not to overestimate our capacity.

  • Q. So can I just buy a BUNCH and return the ones I don't want?

Nope! These dresses are being made in the size you request, specifically for you. They are intended for personal use and will not be eligible for refund. If your item arrives with a factory flaw, you can always contact us for an exchange. If an exchange is not available, a refund will be authorized.

  • Q. Is this dress specifically holiday or religious themed?

We understand that religion is a very personal thing, so our "mystery" pre-order is free from religious symbols and holiday specific imagery. Part of the beauty of this dress is that it is so versatile! It will be perfect for Christmas parties, but equally perfect for school, church, or for any other event!

  • Q. Will this be the only Christmas item you are offering this year?

No! We have several other Christmas styles coming soon, ready to ship!

  • Q. Does this dress have long sleeves?

Why yes, yes it does! You probably know by now that we love a sleeveless dress even in the winter (great for layering outside with a comfy cardi or chic jacket, then sitting comfortably by the indoor fireplace), but we know that might not suit everyone! While some of our ready to ship styles will not have sleeves, this pre-order dress certainly does.

  • Q. What about sibling sets? Can we request matching colors?

Colors will be randomly selected and shipped, but we think they will all look amazing together. The style is the same across the board, which automatically establishes the look of a set. Colors are also complementary... and as you'll discover, there are many ways to change the look of each colorway.
  • Q. So how will this mystery dress fit?

Glad you asked! Sizing can be pretty subjective with each child being very different, but in our opinion, this dress fits true to our typical sizes. We do not suggest "sizing down" as the dress has elastic in the waist (at the back) for a flattering fit. Please see the size chart here for overall length.


  • Q. Any clues about what this dress looks like?

Yes! We have given a few clues on our Instagram & Facebook Page. To recap here, your dress will arrive in one of five colors: Berry, Eggnog, Deep Gold, Pine, or Soft Sage. She will have darling pintuck detailing, subtle lace trim, long sleeves, a twirling skirt, and elastic at the waist for a lovely fit. We are so thrilled by the versatility of this dress! A couple of special options in your shipment will offer a more or less formal / holiday look, making her a true staple in your fall/winter wardrobe!