meet the makers

{How it all began}

Well Dressed Wolf was founded by Sarah Lemoine and Shannon Caserta, Louisiana sisters with a desire to deliver something dreamy, timeless, simple, and a little bit magical to the children's market. Each design is lovingly created with their own kids in mind. The goal of the brand is to celebrate the enchantment and innocence of childhood and to help capture that sweetness in a picture or a precious memory. With countless cute options out there, Shannon (mother of six!) and Sarah (mother of five!) set out to keep it simple, knowing that subtlety is often the hardest to find.

"W.D. Wolf- is dedicated to delivering a quality product at fabulous price. All of our clothes are limited editions, designed around a certain color palette or holiday and created to work together. This is great for mothers who like their kids to coordinate without matching exactly" says Shannon, "And with minimal prints and subtle colors, they work equally well in church or on the playground- a combination of form & function."

Hailing from a large southern family themselves, these sisters admit that the past made a huge impact on their current style choices and direction for the brand. Company lore about a misunderstood, stereotyped wolf adds a touch of magic that they hope will teach a lesson about individuality and acceptance.

"Our Louisiana childhood was infused with magic and mystery. In the land where dark swamplands meet mossy oak groves and the air is tinted green with humidity-- how could it not be? So much of what we design is inspired by that upbringing. As kids, we proudly wore traditional southern styles in a more casual, relaxed way: classical pinafores with fairy wings and rain boots; smocked dresses with cowboys boots and Mardi Gras beads. In a similar way, each item of W.D. Wolf clothing carries a bit of tradition and a dose of whimsy. Each piece is ever-so-slightly different from the next, reinforcing the beauty in the unique... what we call clothing with character."

"Obviously we love clothes, but in the end, clothes are just something to wear. Kids need to remember that the real value of a person (or wolf!) lies beneath... we hope our story encourages them to dig a little deeper: take pride in the way you present yourself, yes, but don't judge a book by it's cover," says Sarah.


{Get to know us}

We thought it would be fun to answer the questions we get asked most often on social media and via email-- so we took turns as interviewer and interviewee... 

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