Lurex Preorder Details

We’re thrilled you seem to be as happy about this release as we are! 

Preorders are so exciting but on the back end they’re really hard to coordinate— especially when we make them even harder on ourselves by offering 5 styles instead of just 2 ;)

In order to keep ship time down, we pre-purchase and print our custom fabric in a quantity we hope isn’t too much to have excess or too little to disappoint you guys with a quick sellout. It’s always a guessing game and a bit of a gamble. That being said, this preorder is limited to the fabric we have on hand. Don’t worry, though. It is a lot.

In an effort to provide a smooth shopping experience for you and an organized / efficient experience for us on the back end, we’re structuring this release a little differently, so please read carefully and let us know if you have any questions by messaging us on IG or Fb!

Here’s how this will work:

On Thursday at 8PM CST we will sell READY-TO-SHIP (already made) Lurex & Lace Maxis and Tunic Sets. Thursday night we will also sell a limited number of Aunt Heart Tunic Sets & dresses. This is due to a limit on the amount of lace pocket patches we had made. Do not worry if you don’t snag ready-to-ship maxi, ready-to-ship tunic set, or limited preorder Aunt Heart on Thursday night. We do plan to offer all three items as PREORDERS again Friday if needed, with the caveat that the pocket lace will be different on any Aunt Heart sets ordered on Friday vs Thursday.

On Friday, we will definitely be selling the PREORDER Grace bubble and a PREORDER short skirt. Again, we will also offer a preorder on the maxis, tunic sets, and aunt heart (without pocket lace patch) if those items sell out Thursday evening. We’ve calculated the amount of fabric we have and will allow you all to shop until it all runs out!

Wheww that’s a lot! But keep reading… with so many details, we’re working closely with production on a slightly tiered preorder shipping timeline. Ready-to-ship maxis and ready-to-ship tunic sets from Thursday’s release should ship within 10-12 business days (with exception to sizes 9/10 & 11/12 which are coming about a week later). All preorder items (including Aunt Heart preorder sold on Thursday night) will ship to us as they’re completed & all on to you by the end of June— with more specific ship timelines coming soon.

Still with us? We sure hope so!! Keep an eye out for another post with additional information about tomorrow night’s release! In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful photos coming your way tomorrow & Friday and decide which pieces you want (or need 🤭). Let us know if we can help!