Holiday of Hope FAQ

Prince of Peace & Good Cheer are very dear to our hearts. We love Christmas, passionately! These very different styles both sing to our holiday loving hearts. We hope you feel the same!

  • Q. When will these items ship?

Good Cheer (Poinsettia) will ship within 3 - 5 business days. Prince of Peace (Dove) will ship within 3 - 5 business days (excluding sizes 9/10 and 11/12 which will ship within 7 business days).
  • Q. Can you provide some fit suggestions?

    • Good Cheer (Poinsettia): We think this dress runs TTS to slightly large. Our children all wear their typical sizes. Please see size chart for overall length and note that sizes 6/9 month to 2T are tunic length with bloomers). Dress features a long tie sash that can be tied in back (or in the front for a different look!). 
    • Prince of Peace (Dove): We think this dress runs TTS to slightly small in the smaller sizes (6M to 2T) and TTS sizes 3T and up. That said, our children wear their typical sizes. Please see size chart for overall length. Dress features a tie sash and 3/4 sleeve.
    • Q. Anything else we should know?

      • Good Cheer (Poinsettia): Simple poinsettia ("star flower") embroidery was created by hand and will vary from piece to piece. Dress is made from 100% cotton, lined in cotton. The color of this dress is hard to capture. It features a vibrant red body with antique pearl trim. "Antique Pearl" is a very yellow based cream tone (think rich eggnog!) that evokes a very vintage feel. Sizes are a little different on this dress. Instead of offering a 6M and a 9M, we combined them to be 6/9M. 18M and 24M have also been combined to 18/24M. Tie back allows for customization. See the size chart for details. Sizes 6/9M to 2T are tunic length and come with red bloomers. Please note that bloomers are from a different dye lot and are a ever-so-slightly darker red. Button holes may have a slightly rough edge due to the thickness of the textured of the cotton fabric, but this should not affect wear.
      • Prince of Peace (Dove): When it comes to applique, we are a pretty picky bunch. This dainty and detailed handmade lace dove totally suits our feminine style. Made in a remote convent in India, each dove is a work of art and hand embroidered accents take it to the next level! Please expect variations in doves & embroidery from piece to piece. Please note that sizes 9/10 and 11/12 have a plain bodice with no dove applique or embroidery.
        • Good Cheer tunic + bloomer (Poinsettia): $56 available in sizes 6/9M to 2T.
        • Good Cheer dress (Poinsettia): $54 available in sizes 3T to 8Y.
        • Prince of Peace dress (Dove): $58 available in sizes 6M to 12Y.