You are what you read?

Posted by Aeolidia

20121024-074236.jpg We love magazines... The above photo is a snapshot of this month's subscriptions minus "Family Fun" and "Kiwi" which have already been read and recycled. I've never given it much thought before, but I think our reading choices say a lot about who we are and what we value. I also think our ideas and convictions are shaped (and reinforced) by the information we intentionally seek out. When I was a first time mom, I devoured every issue of "Parenting" magazine- especially soaking up information on discipline and raising responsible, thoughtful children. I skipped over the articles about sleep training. Thus, it should come as no surprise that 8 years later, my kids are (somewhat) well-mannered and (somewhat) sleep-deprived (oh wait... that's me!). Today, based on my family's selections, you can reasonably ascertain that we love pretty places (and very much value a lovely home- even better would be a home at the beach), we long to travel (on a dime), I like to cook (and dream of cooking more healthfully). We're interested in what makes a person or business successful. Our children like to "craft" and play... and we want to be on top of the current fashion trends. Oh- and Seth has a love affair with cigars. What do you read? Or do you have time to read anything at all? Do you agree that your reading choices paint an accurate picture of the things you value? XOXO- Sarah


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