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comfort If you have not read the comments under our last post, I urge you to grab a cup of coffee and head somewhere quiet for a little while. I have spent several hours soaking up every single story and tidbit of wisdom. Every comment has truly blessed me and I hope the advice speaks to other mothers who may be struggling-- or simply in need of an encouraging word today. I wish every single person could win! After much back and forth, we have selected four comments that really resonated with us. Having said that, it was a HARD choice! So much of the advice left us crying (yes, really!) and laughing (funny fathers & grandmothers!). Other points were so simple (but so profound!) and have been copied & pasted to reference again and again. We are humbled by how much we have to learn and by your willingness to give so freely of yourselves. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so open and so incredibly kind.
Now for the winners (please shoot us a message on our facebook page so we can send your goodies to you!): (1) Be a Nice Human gift pack Congrats to babysmama (in honor of Jacob and his siblings- clearly the nicest of humans) who says:


Goodness, this post speaks to my heart.

My 8 year old son, Jacob, donated toys to the Children’s Hospital. Saved his money up to buy his sister and brother candy and toys. Asked to send money to the orphans in Haiti and Africa. All while HE was going through a 3 year battle with cancer.

After his passing we started doing random acts of kindness in his honor (see Jacob’s Ladder page on Facebook!). The kids and I try to always think of how to make others smile…leave change at a vending machine, pay for the person behind us in line, mail an ice cream gift certificate to a random stranger. Doing these little, yet daily things, always keeps making someone happy in our heads. And my doing so it’s impossible to think of making someone sad.

Our motto since Jacob’s sickness in 2010 was Joshua 1:9: Be Strong and Courageous. This is engraved on his headstone right above his siblings names. It’s a good reminder for us all. <3


(2) The Finishing School 

Congrats to Alli who says: 

Raising kids to be selfless in a selfish world is hard. We live in an entitled world where people are self seekers. No one stands for the weak and they very well may spend their entire life swimming “upstream”. I teach my children to love the unlovable. To always do what’s right even if others don’t. That they should be givers since it is always way more fun and self rewarding. The saying goes “takers may eat better, but givers sleep better” and it’s true. We do all stumble and make mistakes, but at the end of the day if you can look at yourself and say I was the best “me” possible today that’s all that matters. I hope I grow successful and well rounded adults that will stick up for the “little guy” and be proud of the life they make, even if it’s a simple one. A simple life is a beautiful life afterall.

(3) Versatile Cardigan / Vest 

Congrats to Lindsey N who says:

Be kind. It’s so simple, but so true — so powerful. I fail. More than I like to admit. Those two words were always coming out of my momma’s mouth. Sometimes in a soft, sweet voice that would make a little girl feel like she could do anything. Sometimes quickly said through gritted teeth, serving as a stern reminder. Being a mom is so, so hard. We have the responsibility of raising children that will grow up to make a positive impact in this world … and it’s a lot of pressure. So, I wholeheartedly believe living a kind existence is so important. Be kind to your children, be kind to yourself, be kind to other people. Everyone is fighting their own battles … and what does it hurt to show a little kindness to everyone you meet? This is what I pray every day that my children will learn from me.

(4) Luxe by Virtue jewelry package

Congrats to Heather Cook who says:


Several months ago, I was standing in line at a discount grocery store and a woman in front of me was totaling groceries as they went by on the conveyor. She had two children with her. As the total increased, so did her apparent anxiety. She soon started pulling things off the conveyor and making a separate pile. She leaned in to the cashier and said, “I need you to stop at $40.” Her gallon of milk put her 85 cents over. She began to dig through her purse frantically looking for change. Without one thought, I handed over the $1 bill I had in my wallet. She looked at me and apologetically said “Thank you.” I know she meant it because I’ve been in that very position.

There are moments in life where you feel God’s voice speaking to your heart, and this was one of those times. As the woman began to bag her groceries, I told the cashier to ring up the pile of groceries she wasn’t able to get. My 14-year-old son would take an armful at a time and carry them over to the counter where the woman was bagging her groceries. I can still remember the look of utter shock on the woman’s face when my son handed her a bunch of bananas and started putting the groceries in her boxes. All she could do was say “thank you” between deep breaths. Then her daughter, she was maybe 5 or 6, exclaimed with such excitement “You mean I get to keep the pickles?!” My son had the jar in his hands and he happily said “Yes, you do.” In that moment, I had to wipe away a tear. My son handed her the jar, jumped up and down, did his hand flapping, squealed joyfully and came back to me with a huge smile.

He remembers every moment of this event like a movie playing in his head. He often talks about it. It made such an impression on him, which isn’t easy to do sometimes.

My son has Aspergers.

Best $33.20 I’ve ever spent.



You wonderful ladies have proven that (although bullying is alive and well) goodness can and will rise above. So proud to know you all. <3


Sarah & Shannon


  • After a long day. This is just the post I needed to read as I sit down to rock my little to sleep. The stories here made me smile, and the last one through my tears. So thankful for a community of strong woman who are striving to make the world a better place for their children.

    Vicki mc on
  • Sarah (and Shannon), well said. The two of you have created something really special and inspiring with WDW. Beautiful/handsome little models!! Aunt Angie

    Cabin Girl on
  • Congratulations to the winners! And thank you Sarah and Shannon for the inspiration. We all say it, but it really is more than just clothes! Yes bullying is still alive and well, but little by little goodness IS rising. In my own world, I deleted a few little facebook groups that were stealing my joy! Thank you for all you do!

    Jenn on
  • I took your advice. I waited until this morning, when I would have a fresh cup of coffee (filled with love that I don’t deserve) and sit in silence to read these stories. I knew beforehand that I would smile and possibly tear up, which I did. Sometimes I wonder if I’m wasting my time reading blogs when I can be doing something productive or getting ahead of the game. But, then I realize that when I read these stories, in some way, it always makes me a better person that day. Those reminders that good is out there and I don’t have to move mountains to make an impact. It is the simple life that makes the most wonderful life.

    melissa on

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