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Image Isn't it in our job description to make childhood magical for our babies? Think about your own past- good, bad or just plain average, there must be a few key moments that stand out, softened by a cloud of nostalgia- hazy and happy. Image My fondest childhood memories live just below the surface, bubbling up every time my own children experience something new or exciting. I vaguely remember a day of fishing with my whole family: the uncomfortable heat and the effort expended to catch one fish- just one- and how proud I was to catch it. I remember Disney World- but not the thrilling rides you might expect. It's the bus ride from our wilderness cabin to the theme park that comes to mind- and how my family (parents included!) initiated a scene straight from Glee, encouraging the other passengers to sing a spirited chorus of "zippity doo dah, zippity aye, my oh my what a wonderful day"... I vividly recall a tornado warning, crammed with my siblings into a tiny hall bathroom- snuggled under blankets- hearts racing with fear and excitement... Then there were the lazy afternoons at my great aunt's house, making pralines from scratch and producing plays for neighborhood parents... Little moments helped define my childhood as a happy one. Image Image It doesn't take much, you see, to create a wonderful memory. Mostly, it's about being together, being silly, creating something or doing something different. No matter how many times each day we may fail as a parent, we can all do this. Your children won't remember every time you lose your cool or forget to pack their lunch. They'll remember a feeling. They'll have a flash of fondness. They'll treat others the way you most often treat them... and hopefully, a few magical moments will implant in their hearts and override everything else. On that note, I stumbled upon this article today and thought you might enjoy it. Now go out and make some sweet memories. XOXO, Sarah


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