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Sometimes I forget that the kids are always there- always listening and watching and paying careful attention. They know what is going on in our lives even when we don't specifically tell them about it. We had our first facebook pre-order sale the other night, and this is the note I found on the countertop the next morning... from my seven year old. I actually cried- and I don't consider myself to be an overly emotional person. How sweet that she doesn't resent the extra time I spend working at my computer. What a blessing that she notices and acknowledges my hard work- that she's proud of me. Praise God for children. And just because I cannot stop myself, I'll give you a peak at something else kinda sweet... the Grace bubble on my Alice... to die for! You have to wait to get a clear picture but you'll get the idea... XOXO, Sarah P.S. See the thousands of dollars flying in the air?? She appears to have a lot of confidence in us!


  • Hey!! Not in this color combo, but they are pre-ordering now (shipping in April) in a different combo via our Preferred Pre-order Program – just apply and you can login a few minutes later to see any items currently pre-ordering (these will change weekly).

    W.D. Wolf on
  • Are you selling these? They are beautiful!

    Courtney on

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