Pro photo tips for capturing beautiful memories

Posted by Sarah

Precious memories are priceless. Take it from a mama who recently launched her oldest into the world. I swear she was 10 yesterday… Take the pictures. You’ll never regret it.  

We’ve asked some of our photographers for tips to capturing impromptu moments that are both heartwarming & frame-worthy.

Pro tips from Langley:

“I always turn a fun dance song on Alexa and let them be do their thing!! Party freeze dance is a good one.

Ask them to show a funny face and then see if you can make an even funnier face- that usually gets a natural laugh!

Play a simple game of ‘Simon Says’—touch your nose, spin around, run to me… capturing them in their natural state is so much better than posed.”

Pro Tips from Gia:

“In my opinion, to get the best photos of very young kids,  I like to pick a time when they’re well-rested, fed, and generally happy. I don’t ask them to look at the camera, but rather to interact with each other. Sometimes they will look at me, but I never request it.

We sing songs, pray for friends and family that need prayer, and play silly games— tag, secret telling etc.

For location/lighting, I try to shoot close to sunset (when possible) or in an area with some shade available— and also with as few extra people as possible. Placing the subject’s back to the setting sun will create that hazy glow. For beginners, an overcast day is ideal!”

Pro Tips from Carlie:

“Make sure your child eats before you start, because  hungry children are never happy children! 

Be playful. Tell jokes and make faces. Your child will usually mimic you back. The laugh that comes right after making a funny face is your shot 😉

Light is life. Try to shoot morning or late evening if possible. If you do have to shoot when the sun is harsh, find shade.”

So there you have it! Get into nature this season and snap those photos. If you’ve got an awesome camera, great! If not, phone cameras have come a long way so don’t let equipment stop you. For the best memories, just make an effort and make it fun. Magical moments await… oh and don’t forget to tag #welldressedwolf, #loveomijo, and #gowildling for a chance to be featured on our social media or website! 


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