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abedelivery-772573 Who wants to help me name my little girl? Shannon doesn't need the help, of course. She has pretty much decided on a name and once she makes up her mind- it's all over but the crying. Not true for me. This time around, I am wobbling and wavering all over the place- with a new favorite each morning! My naming style has consistently been "old-fashioned". I tend to avoid trendy names and unusual spellings. As of late, I seem to favor less popular (possibly even less attractive) names that only become precious when given to a real, live baby (much less so on paper).  While I love Lily & Jack (the names of number 1 and 2), they've gotten uncomfortably over-used for my taste. I don't think I will ever have that problem with Abram & Alice (number 3 & 4). Having said that, picking number 5 is making me crazy! For some fun (at Shannon's suggestion), I sent a request to Swistle:Baby Names to get her take on my dilemma. May I just say if you are having similar issues, I 100% recommend her services! After reading hundreds of submitted questions and answers, I have concluded that "Swistle" is a baby-naming-genius (and her fans give equally thoughtful suggestions and advice). She has posted her reply to my question and a poll on the right side of her page with the semi-finalists on my list (this week, at least). If you get a chance, swing over there and let us know what you think. If you are searching for a name, too, you can also swing by Nameberry, Baby Name Wizard, and the Social Security Administration. Designmom also has a great post about baby naming here. On that note, she also has an older series featuring real-life birth stories (the top picture was taken from my very own birth story for number 3, found here). Only 17.5 more weeks to flip and flop on baby name number 5... I'll keep you posted. XO- Sarah


  • I too have a Jack and feel the same about how common it has become :) My girls however, named Claire and Norah, are not so popular yet ;) We loved Charlotte and Eloise too. Best of luck naming :)


    Sarah McEntyre on
  • Well darn! I tried to reply a second ago and it cut me off mid-sentence! Thank you for your reply, Kasey! I love your suggestions! Arden is adorable but doesn’t quite feel right with my other names… But I love Miriam (nickname Mimi) and Nora very much. As for Mae- I just LOVE it, but I know 4 little baby Maes and I fear another Lily (not that I regret the name- she is 100% LILY- but you know…). Too many options!

    Isn’t Swistle awesome? $50 for a private consultation- and she considers everything!!

    W.D. Wolf on
  • Wow – she sure does have a lot of suggestions!! But they are all good, I found myself saying, “oh that one is good!” to several. But one name that I really like, but it is an “A”, is Arden. I don’t think it is very popular, and it is still different. I also like Nora and Miriam. The last of my 2 cents is Mae, my grandfather just passed away last week and our family names have been on my mind. My great grandmothers name was Freddie Mae and she went by Mae.
    Good Luck!!

    Kasey Gary on
  • Ooh! Congrats to you one another little one! May is a busy month for babies… I love Mabry Elizabeth- and I don’t think it sounds too young. But it is great to have Mae as an option if she wants it.

    I love hearing what other people name their children. It is neat to see how a name can BECOME adorable once it is bestowed upon a sweet little baby. Everyone thought we were NUTS to name our youngest boy Abram (nickname "Abe)- but when you meet Abe the impression completely changes!

    W.D. Wolf on
  • I liked Mabel and we settled on Mabry Elizabeth. I worried that Mabry sounded too little girly but she could always shorten to Mae when she’s older. Of course, her nickname is usually just Sissy since she is the youngest of two….til may anyways ;)

    Sherri on

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