life in the pack: under the big top

Posted by Aeolidia

I rarely get a chance to spend one-on-one time with my kids, so when one of them has a school event that is "no siblings allowed", I actually appreciate it... and I know they love it, too. Something about my undivided attention makes them glow. Today, Jack had an "Under the Big Top" celebration and the school really went the extra mile to make the students feel special. Years from now, I imagine their mental images will look something like this: Have a wonderful weekend!! XOXO, Sarah P.S. If you have an iPhone and you haven't already downloaded Instagram, you really should! I took all of the photos above with my iPhone and very easily enhanced them with Instagram. I hardly ever pull out my super-duper-heavy-duty-SLR anymore. For everyday moments, my cell is so much more convenient!


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