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In keeping with my vintage "hope chest" finds, here is an example of how too much of a good thing is no longer a good thing... I love lace. I love gingham. I love rosettes. I love gathering. I love a little poof in the sleeve. Even a mock turtleneck has it's moment... All together though? A hot mess. Sorry to whatever dear relative surely made this (there are no tags), but it's pretty clear that even Alice finds it a little offensive (see her picture below). The saddest part of this story (aside from the dress) is that I actually took a picture of Lily (my seven year old) wearing it when she was one. I spent the day searching for that photo and I cannot find it anywhere!! I promise if (when?!?) I do, I'll re-post. Until then, isn't it funny seeing my baby picture (top) next to my baby's pictures in the same dress? Do you have anything like this? If not, start thinking about saving some of your child's favorite outfits- but be sure to snap and save a photo of her (or him) in it first. It will be a treasure one day... even if it looks something like this. XOXO, Sarah


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