inspiration: daydream believer...

Posted by Aeolidia

[caption id="attachment_260" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Purchase this image ("looking for love") here."][/caption] Close your eyes. What do you see? My daydreams are filled with foreign places-- real and imagined-- hazy sunsets, sheer curtains caught in a breeze, twinkling lights and mossy oaks... The fairies mingle freely with children who dance and sing around a ribboned May pole... unicorns run wild with stallions down a blinding beach... Ahhhh... The W.D. Wolf daydream line is light, soft and subtly sweet. Fine cotton, bits of lace, chiffon and fabric ribbons evoke a magical feeling your wee ones can carry with them. How do you like the labels created for the daydream line? And what about the images below? Eye Poetry Photography has so many amazing pictures I couldn't decide which to post. 8x10's are $30. I'd love a series framed in a row.


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