From Winter blooms Spring

Posted by Sarah

For those of you who don't know, Beverly is your go-to for anything and everything customer service related. She is wise and wonderful, kind hearted and loving. She puts her whole heart into her work, but is even more passionate about her number one job: motherhood. Two days ago, her courageous firstborn, Mason, lost his battle with cancer. Like all of you, we wanted to help immediately and felt completely powerless to do that.

But God truly cares about the details. It's beautiful to watch how he weaves circumstances in ways we don't expect or even fully understand. Early feedback on our recently released Fall/Winter maxi dresses was that they were perfect for Spring. It also happened that many boxes were running late in transit. Worried they might not arrive in time for our delivery deadline and armed with the Springtime perception, we made the unprecedented decision to change course and sell the remainder later in the year. In a similar twist of fate, we unexpectedly received an extra shipment of Omi Jo "Magic" tunic sets months after their original release. Those first "Magic" sets were named in honor of Beverly’s precious children when we learned of Mason’s diagnosis.

This season can only be described as Winter for Bev & her family. Yet Mason’s legacy WILL bloom into Spring and beyond. His story, his life, his legacy will live on and on. And waiting in our warehouse is a dress designed for Winter but headed for Spring & a late-but-perfectly-timed tunic (in all three colors) named in honor of the Wilson family.

Many have asked how you can help. Your prayers are coveted. Your kind words are like a healing balm. And if you planned to donate, these dresses have now arrived in full and 100% of net proceeds will be contributed to the family. While it will never heal their unimaginable loss, we hope it will ease some of the burden. We love you so much, sweet Wilson family. Mason will never be forgotten. #masonwilsonstrong



Sarah, Shannon, and the WDW & Omi Jo team

P.S. 100% of net proceeds on any other Omi Jo or Wildling sales made today will also benefit the Wilson family. 



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