"French Lavender"

Posted by Aeolidia

Image This fanciful little dress seems to have crossed over- the Taylor Swift of children's clothes. Loved by fans of smocking, non-fans of smocking, mothers, grandmothers and little girls. We really could not be more pleased with how it turned out. And it looks even better on a child than on the rack! Round 2 of pre-orders is taking place right now on our website, so get your orders in! Shipping early July. www.welldressedwolf.com/pages/pre-orders


  • Hey!! We will have some extras in July!

    W.D. Wolf on
  • I absolutely love this dress and would love to preorder it. Am I too late?

    The Rancher's Wife Kate on
  • Hi, Tina! Basically, at this very moment, we have NOTHING! Can you believe that? We hold specific pre-orders throughout the year for our three different lines: WD Wolf “Classic”, WD Wolf “Daydream” and WD Wolf “Picnic” (the newest addition to our brand). The pre-orders for Spring/Summer 2013 “Daydream” and “Classic” have already taken place. These are the items we are receiving every few weeks. Once a pre-order arrives, we post the remaining inventory on our website for sale (and announce the sale on facebook for our super fans). We try to give a few day’s warning before a sale because when we DO post them, they run out SUPER FAST. We would love to keep a fully stocked website, but it’s crazy how fast the items disappear as soon as they’re listed (leaving us with a sparse looking website!!).

    The “Picnic” line is launching on April 26 and we will begin accepting pre-orders that day! The turnaround time for the “Picnic” line will be about 3-4 weeks from date of sale.

    Hope that helps!! Are you on facebook? If so, be sure like our page then hover over the “Like” button and click “get notifications” and “add to interests” to make sure we show up in your newsfeed for all of the updates and sales.

    W.D. Wolf on
  • How do I order ? Do you have things just periodically ? Really pretty clothing .

    Tina Myers on
  • Yay!! Just found your FB page/site and was so sad I missed this pre-order. Hopefully I will be able to snag pne in July! :)

    Christie W on

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