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Posted by Sarah


I love the outdoors- the smell of a campfire, roasted marshmallows, breeze in my face... Until the mosquitos. And the sticky heat. And stinging caterpillars. This weekend, I got the best of both worlds. I spent two days watching my little ones fish with their cousins (and even bait their own hooks with real crickets- who are these kids?!?), and then I got to sleep in my warm, clean bed. The boys camped out in real tents with their dad and the girls had a slumber party at home (after eating s'mores, of course). It was the perfect plan! For now, I can use my youngest as an excuse not to sleep in the wild (she's just a baby... the heat... the bugs...). And who knows, as she gets older, I may even learn to enjoy it.


There's no place like home...

I hope you had a great weekend, too!

XOXO, Sarah


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