daydream: the josephine maxi-dress

Posted by Aeolidia

20130217-192231.jpgYards of peach cotton voile with shimmering gold accents and metallic braid detail make this dress simply enchanting. Outdoor pictures in this stunner will be utterly magical. Preferred Pre-Order Program- keep your eyes opened! This pre-sale is coming soon! Here's a sneak peek of the newest Maddie, too. Sweet, subtle plaid voile (in the softest pastels) and nostalgic satin ribbons (reminiscent of a May pole) make this dress a must have for your child's spring/summer wardrobe.



  • Hi!! These pre-orders have all shipped today! We have a FEW left that we’ll be posting on our website next week! What size were you looking for? The 2T is all sold out, but we have most other sizes (from 3T to 8).

    W.D. Wolf on
  • Thank you S&S, first and foremost for every you are and what you stand for.
    I teach my girls that they are everything that is good in this world. Everything. That they possess the answers right between their ears. We live from our hearts. Compassion for others and for ourselves. I teach that we must be and give what we hope to receive back. And that even when it’s not what we’d dreamt for we get to choose how we receive it. We are only victims if we believe that we are lacking. And I tell my dear sweet girls, you are never lacking. Dig deep and find what you need within yourself. We can see it as such a tool to be hurt or scorned or broken and we choose and we possess the ability to rise up and be a light filled example. That light in us Isn’t just for us, it’s for the ones near by too. And we must never forget that. I teach them that our journey is ours and we can share it but it’s ours to have and hold and mold. We possess the ability to not only rejoice in the joys, dance in the tears, but that through each hurt and love we have the ability to water the dry roots of others around us, so that they too can spout up and shine shine shine.
    Yes, I still believe what my momma told me and what I teach my girls… YES YOU SURE CAN SAVE THE ENTIRE WORLD. Yes we can.
    Peace, and love to you.
    Love is free take some when you need it and give it always. Freely give it. To your neighbor, to the stranger, give it and don’t think twice.

    Melana Bass on

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