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Well, before we get to that... Here is a little peek at what the winner will win! There will be 2 color options from which to choose- each as summery as a picnic in the park. Which do you like better? Now, a note about how we picked a winner (so you guys can rest assured it's on the up & up). We used a facebook app called Easy Promos that kept track of each entry. It also recorded the number of friends each entrant "invited" and who "shared" on their wall. The generated information was exported into an Excel file where entrants were organized into a neat, numbered list. Using we entered the total number of entrants and "rolled the dice" so to speak. Out popped a random number which corresponds with one of our promo entrants! And the lucky number is: 13!!! So who, is the lucky number 13?? Tammy Priddy! Congrats!!! You will be the recipient of our very first romper (to ship out in early April). Now, for the twist (every exciting contest has a twist!)... We've chosen ANOTHER winner! As a very special thank you to the fan who invited the most friends to participate, we are awarding a second romper... And the winner is?? Courtney Hiern! Thanks, Courtney for being a super fan! Your playsuit will ship out with the rest of our pre-orders, so expect delivery sometime in May. Thank you to everyone who participated. It was fun, but it was just the beginning. Very soon we'll be launching an even bigger, even better giveaway... We're trying to spread the word about W.D. Wolf, so help us by inviting your friends... Stay tuned for our upcoming promotion- how about a GIVEAWAY EACH DAY for an entire month? How does that sound?


  • Yay I won! So glad I could help y’all out! Love the yellow!,,,

    Courtney on
  • You’re going to love it!! I absolutely adore the yellow / red combo!!

    W.D. Wolf on

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