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RMI school children in HaitiRMI school children in Haiti

2019 was quite a year! One of our very favorite things about our job has always been you, the community, and your desire to make the world a better place. It truly is about so much more than pretty dresses. Your support has radically improved the lives of women and children all over the world, and our dream is to keep growing in order to keep giving. Take a look at the impact your purchases have made in the last year:

Mighty Acorn Foundation:

In 2019 we were honored to donate dresses and finalist prize packages for the Snapped for a Cause fundraiser that was able to generate over $50,000 for The Mighty Acorn Foundation this year. Established in 2013, this organization is currently working in Kenya to "restore hearts, ignite dreams, and empower the futures of children across the world". We are so thankful for each person who contributed to this life changing event. 

Snapped for a Cause photo shoot fun!Snapped for a Cause photo shoot fun!

Giving Hope NOLA: 

For the second consecutive year, we were blessed to partner with Giving Hope, where the simple mission to "give glory to God and promote human dignity" is one that fuels our passion. The organization is involved in numerous outreach programs that aim to feed, clothe, house, and provide fellowship to those in need. More specifically, our donation will aid in the completion of an orphanage in the Dominican Republic, currently under construction. What an honor to change lives in such a tangible way! THANK YOU for caring!

Reciprocal Ministries International (RMI):

In 2019, both Shannon and I felt deeply compelled to give to an organization that would improve the lives of children in Haiti. However, as we neared the end of the year, we still had not found the right one. The very morning before our weekly meeting to finalize, we received an email from a friend and fellow business owner, apprehensively asking several companies to consider donating to RMI-- an email she felt called to send, regardless of how awkward it felt. What a blessing that was! Upon reading more, we both knew this was the opportunity we were looking for! Through several initiatives, and by employing and empowering a Haitian team on the ground level, RMI is able to feed over 10,000 school children per day, in addition to providing over 700,000 meals to needy families each year. Our contribution was instrumental in keeping their humanitarian programs running during a very tumultuous time in their history.

RMI school lunch programRMI School Lunch Program

Coreluv International: 

In what seemed like the perfect end to a year of giving, we were presented with an opportunity to contribute to Coreluv, whose primary goal is to defend the orphan. Our donation will directly aid in the construction of a special needs orphanage, the first of its kind in Haiti. Built and designed with these beautiful children in mind, it will provide not only a home, but hope, joy, and a future. On a personal level, we feel incredibly blessed to have been given this divine opportunity, with both adoption and special needs playing a major role in our lives in 2019. We cannot thank YOU enough for supporting our brands and making this all possible.

A legacy, to quote Coreluv founder, Mike Reiszner, "is a future without you, still influenced by you."  There's a chance none of us will see the full manifestation of our giving during this lifetime... but those touched by your generosity will feel its impact for generations to come. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 


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