A Season of Hope

Posted by Shannon

HopeAs we approach the Christmas season, I’m overcome with so many conflicting emotions... Thanks, frustration, love, longing- but most of all I’m overcome with hope. This year was a hard one, one that came so unexpectedly. As many of you know, and some may not, last year we welcomed baby Ezra into the world just weeks before Christmas... our seventh child. As we prepared for his birth, I just knew that God had a big purpose for his life. His wasn’t a “planned” pregnancy on our part, but he was always meant to be part of God’s larger design. While nothing could have prepared me for what came on December 11, 2018, God’s plan was set in motion long before that day. I suffered a complete uterine rupture that left our little guy without oxygen and blood flow for a period of time and resulted in damage to his brain. We both could have lost our lives that day but it would not be the end for us.

The hard hospital days in the weeks after Ezra's birth
The hard hospital days in the weeks after Ezra's birth

Instead it was the beginning of a new journey, one we are still learning to navigate day by day. This new experience has brought me (quite literally) to my knees on so many occasions. The road we are on with Ezra is a long one, yet I feel such hope as we get closer to 2020. While the end of last year felt so dark, I’m able to see flickers of light now.

Cousins meeting for the fist time
Cousins meeting for the first time

2018 / 2019 were hard years for our Well Dressed Wolf team as well. In addition to the unexpected and traumatic birth of Ezra, the world tragically lost an amazing young man to a terrible disease.

Mason, Beverly’s son, who’ll always be loved and remembered
Mason, Beverly’s son, who’ll always be loved and remembered

All of it made working harder for everyone, with our heads, hearts, and bodies all over the place. We struggled through loss and pain, and in doing so watched our team and the amazing WDW community pull together and push through. It was truly an inspiration to behold. When I was unable to see beyond the minute that I was in, Sarah so lovingly and graciously continued on in my absence, all while having a newly adopted baby of her own, supporting and encouraging me along the way. The dresses you see this Christmas season are in large part thanks to her- and I’m so proud of every single piece! Our team has grown in number and rallied together like never before and WE MADE IT THROUGH and I am so grateful for each and every one of them. 

As we journey into the new year, I’m reminded of the words from a favorite Christmas song:

“a thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices, for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn...”

I really can see that new and glorious morn on the horizon... and boy, is it beautiful. We are so excited to show you our Christmas collections this year... they remind me that God CAN bring beauty from ashes! We hope you love everything as much as we do ♥️

Having spent the last Christmas in the hospital, I've never been happier to be home for the holidays. We pray that our "Home for the Holidays" Christmas collection fills your heart with joy and hope this season.

* written and contributed by Shannon *
Home for the holidaysHome for the holidays


God Bless you & happy holidays,

Shan, Sarah, and the Well Dressed Wolf team


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