Princess FAQ

Some of our very favorite pieces to design are the dress up options each year. Our girls love to play, and they would wear costumes 24/7 if we let them! We originally started designing upscale costumes for that very reason. Our goal has always been to create imaginative dresses that are playful and over-the-top so little girls love them... with fine fabrics and trims so mom loves them, too! We could not have been more thrilled to see our sketches slowly come to life, and we hope they provide many magical memories for you. 

  • Q. Will these dresses arrive in time for Halloween?

A. Yes! Blue dresses will ship in 3-5 business days and pink dresses will ship in 5-7 business days.
  • Q. Are the dresses the same style? Are both colors offered as a maxi?

A. The dresses are two completely different styles:
Pink Maxi: features a shorter bodice, elastic at back, a delicate sleeve, and a full length shimmering skirt with full overlay. A splash of sequins on the bodice casts a soft glow on the face.
Blue Mini: bodice falls closer to the natural waist. Elastic at the waist creates a pleasing silhouette. A shimmering skirt is topped by two finished net overlays, making this swishy dress perfect for twirling. Hand embroidered, sequined stars allow her imagination to take center stage! Princess? Superhero? Starlight Fairy? Rainbow Brite? Let her creativity soar. *Mini dresses will arrive with coordinating bloomers (sizes 6M to 3T), and shorts (4T to 8Y) for modesty.
    • Q. Will these be the only costumes you offer this year?

    A. We hope to present another (totally different!) costume in our Spring / Summer 2017 line up.
    • Q. Can you provide some fit suggestions?

    A. Pink Maxi: These are being offered in sizes 12M to 8Y. Sizing can be pretty subjective with each child being very different, but in our opinion, this dress fits true to our girls' typical sizes. We did not size down in this dress, and we don't suggest that you do, either. Please see the size chart for overall length.

    Blue Mini: These are being offered in sizes 6M to 8Y. In our experience, this dress fits true to our girls' typical sizes. We did not size down in this dress, and we do not suggest that you size down either. Infant sizes seem to run slightly snug, so feel free to size up.

    *This should fit similar to Innocent dresses if you are familiar with those. However, please see the size chart for overall length.*

    • Q. So are these princess dresses? No crown?

    We are calling these princess dresses mainly because our daughters do! But go ahead and let your little girl decide what this dress means to her. Several creative mamas have mentioned adding a cape to the blue and making her a superhero, or adding a cone shaped crown to pink for Maid Marion. Have fun with it! Coordinating and custom crowns can also be found at so many amazing IG shops (if you need a reference, feel free message us!). 


    Oh, and we are including a piece of metallic lace in each BLUE MINI bag! We want to see how imaginative you can get with it! Make your own lace crown? A super-powered wrist band? An accent on a cape? You ladies never cease to amaze us with your ingenuity, so be sure to tag your masterpieces with #welldressedwolf and #wolfpackprincess. 

    • Q. Anything else we should know?

    A. Each package will arrive with extra sequins in the event your dress loses one! Star embroidery on the blue dress was done by hand and will not be exactly the same from piece to piece. Please expect minor variations in star size and sequin location. Sequins on the pink dress were attached by hand and exact spacing of sequins, color placement and size of the sequined "V" will vary.
    • Blue Mini (plus bloomers / shorts): $60 available in sizes 6M to 8Y.
    • Pink Maxi: $65 available in sizes 12M to 8Y.